Can Mobile Technologies Make The Education Process Easier?

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Over the previous past, there have been increased discussions on the benefits of using mobile technologies in education. Many institutions have adopted this means of delivering content and have highlighted very many benefits on how technology makes the education process easier. Some of those notable benefits have been presented in the article below.


Through a previously conducted research over 90 percent of students in schools that have adopted the mobile technologies says the process has aided a lot in improving their access to information. With mobile devices, they have always been sure of never getting stranded whenever they need to complete their researches. More to this, they have praised the mobile technologies as it enables them to find anything they want right at the time they need it. This efficiency of accessing information is one of the most praised ways of improving success in their studies.

Apart from accessing information, mobile technologies have also improved communication with their instructors and colleagues. The devices also allow them to share and receive information and class notes through the little device. Unlike other methods of teaching such as print media, mobile technologies make it efficient for the student to always access their learning materials and information concerning their education anywhere provided they have the devices.

Motivated learning

This is yet another key benefit that comes along with the use of mobile technologies. Most of the students’ view learning from the devices as a way of getting a fan, therefore, making them more motivated and inspired. Teachers taking part in schools that have adopted this method of learning also confirm that introducing digital technology has a positive impact on reading and writing, and also the development of numeracy skills. They believe that the devices aid a lot in enhancing communication skills and where students share the devices, there is always a high level of discussion.

Preparing for the workplace

The use of mobile technologies in learning institutions is also a great step towards familiarizing students with the ways of learning that are increasingly adopted in many workplaces today. On the same note, learning is always defined as a continuing process. E-learning fits in the employee schedules and can be accessed from anywhere their jobs take them. In this case, access to learning content and information is made easier even after school, therefore, making them fit in their prospective job places. The process is also considered important as it helps build digital skills among the students who are a great need for education.

Offers the 20th-century learning experience

Accessibility to mobile technologies in the learning process is one of the proven ways that help in supporting the development of a student’s independence, ownership of their progress and time management for their studies. The convenience created by mobile technologies in learning institutions works a lot to help them save time, therefore, making them more successful in their learning process.

On another note, mobile technologies in learning institutions make it possible for parents to connect with teachers and stay updated with their children’s progress at school. It has also enabled digital portfolios through a virtual learning environment and is assessable at home through mobile devices. This work as a great advantage as it helps bridge the school-home division which results in improved productivity of students in their education.


In as much as the use of technology is increasing, students and teachers only make use of this technology to make them efficient but not effective. In this case to achieve maximum results from the mobile technology the powerful features of the mobile technologies should be creatively used.

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