Most Compatible VR Devices for Your iPhone

VR Headset

If you want to try out virtual reality without spending a lot of money, it would be advisable to get one that will work well with your iPhone. Nowadays, most of the VR handsets are affordable and fully equipped with slots that will fit your phone. When choosing a VR, it would be important to take into considerations the phone you are using. For instance, it would be pretty easy to use the headset on Samsung phones and other smartphones whereas it is a little harder for iPhone owners to find VR headsets that will work with their smartphones. It is through this need that we have prepared a list of some of the most compatible VR devices for your iPhone.

Merge VR

This is one of the top chosen VR headset because of its increased VR experiences. The set is very easy to use and has many improvised features that can support diverse VR experiences particularly for families and kids. One of the best-liked features in this headset is its flexible and durable foam substance. This makes the headset lightweight and resistant to bumps and drops. More to this, we can find this VR set in many colours. While operating, you can simply adjust the lens-eye distance that makes it comfortable for everyone using the headset. More to this, instead of using hand controls, they improvise the set with spring-based input buttons that enable the user to have a good dual control that many phone apps require.

View-Master Deluxe VR

This is yet another cheap handset that you can invest in. With as low as $50 to get this headset. The many useful features incorporated in this VR is one of the things that make it popular because of its adaptability for a wide range of users including large families and small classrooms. While using the View-Master Deluxe VR, there is always a wheel that makes it possible to switch between different levels of focus. The headset also includes a wide lens option and an adapter compatible with older iPhone 5 models. More to this, the headset works swiftly with google cardboard and also has its own set of free view master apps that you can try out. Unlike other headsets, the View-Master Deluxe is simple to use, and therefore anyone can use it with only a guide through a few tips.

I Am Cardboard VR V2

Out there in the VR market, many Google cardboard creations are running around, but on this piece, we are specific on the V2 creation. Unlike other cardboard headsets, the V2 model has a studier look. The headset is also very cheap making it an ideal option when you are looking for a deal that you do not want to spend too much on. The V2 model is incorporated with curated features that include upgraded buttons that use a magnetic switch with a softer foam touch. The headset makes the best option for newbies as it does exactly what it is set to through the commands making it easy to use. However, while using this headset option, it would be important to note it is designed to work with the Google Cardboard SDK and therefore your app choice will be limited.


Before settling on a specific VR headset, it is always important to carry out detailed research to know exactly which VR can work best with the apps in your iPhone. All the headsets work for one purpose, and therefore all that you need to take into considerations is the price, ease of use and adaptability to be used on a wide range of data.