How Many Startups in the Us Successfully Get Seed Funding Yearly

Seed funding

Getting seed funding has never been an easy task either for a startup or for an entrepreneur. The main problem with seed funding is that most companies only come in when the deal is in millions. Second, regardless of the funding method that will be used, companies will always need some inspiration.

The number of startups that successfully get funding in the US range at 1,500 funded by venture capitalists and 50,000 by angel investors. Venture capitalists always look for around 400 companies to invest in from the total number they fund, while angles look for around 40. There are many criteria used while looking for companies to fund but analyzed below are some top companies that have previously got benefited from seed funding.

Lucas Duplan’s Clinkle App 

In just 21 years, Lucas Duplan had already secured as much as $25 million from a group in Silicon Valley investors. By this time, the company had not even been launched. Rather, It was only a mobile payment app that was developed by Lucas when he was still pursuing his undergraduate degree. They released the first product of the company in late 2014. It is still in this year that the company broke the record for being the second one to get funding in Silicon Valley.

Flow Stream Solutions

This is a Manhattan-based company that secured $5 million in seed funding. The key contributor to its success was for the increased enterprise software solution. The total amount of capital raised through the company was $6.5 million, and this is evidence of how astounding Duplan’s seed funding was. The biggest investors that were earmarked for operational expenses were the Trident Capital and the Scout Ventures. The biggest contributions of the company have been to help major companies connect, curate and communicate in an era of big data.The Minerva Project

The Minerva project  

It is also one of the organizations that received a total of $25 million in seed funding solely from Benchmark Capital. The project team is based in San Francisco, and its main goal is to reinvent higher education in the U.S by focusing on intelligence and academics. Other factors that the company takes into account is citizenship, lineage, and sports. According to the founders of the group, their aim is all about finding the best students anywhere across the globe and then preparing them to face the real world.

Andrej Nabergoj’s Iddiction Appiddiction app logo

This group secured a total of $3.5 million for the timely discovery of their app. The app was developed during a time when curation, discovery, and sharing was so popular for content marketers. Though other companies made their contributions, seed funding made the largest and the most impressive figure.

Rap Genius        

This is a company that has grown to one of the most popular seeds accelerator Y Combinator’s startups by getting their website, business, and presence in front of some of the most imaginable and biggest investors. Before the company secured its first $1.8 million in seed funding, the business had been rejected a multiple of times on many platforms. From this group, we learn that at times it may take months or even years to build relationships, but is persistence is very critical.



When a big seed funding company wins, and the information gets to the headlines, the process may seem like an overnight success for an unproven company. Contrary to this, there are a lot of obstacles, risks, and leaps of faith before winning it. All you need as an entrepreneur is never get frustrated and remain focused on knowing your potential users and entrepreneurs.