Do Wearable Gadgets Have Any Health Impact?

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We are living in an era, full of immense convenience of technological advancements. There are a lot of gadgets that we use regularly to ensure seamless communication including smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, laptops and many more.
Many advantages have come along with these devices, but the gadgets are also a subject to many health risks. Most of these wearable gadgets make use of electronic connectivity and other magnetic waves. We have exposed our bodies to negative energies of gadgets, it would be important to find better ways and newer technologies to minimize the effect of these devices. Through this article, we have tried to expound on the question, “Do wearable gadgets have any health Impact?”

What are wearable gadgets?

We can describe wearable gadgets as electronic devices that could be incorporated into our clothing or the user can wear it comfortably. These gadgets comprise fitness trackers, worn on the wrist that measures the steps that we take every day. They may also take the form of necklaces that are used to track one’s sleep, smartwatches that give easy access to our smartphones and laptop messages. No matter how effective these tools are, they should always be viewed as questionable tools towards safety and one’s wellness and health.

Examples of health problems associated with wearable gadgets

One of the biggest health problems that are related to wearable gadgets is the increased risk of radiation exposure. All the electronics that we rely on work through the emission of radiations. The effect and intensity of the effects of the radiation will always vary depending on the gadget you are using. However, one fact is regardless of the exposure is for long term or short term, it will always affect our bodies significantly. Through the previously completed researches, it has been clear that cell phone radiations will always affect the human reproductive system, cause mood swings and also disrupt sleep. On the same note, we are having too many devices that work together with cellphones and are compatible with WI-FI networks. This means they also emit radiations which also poses a long-term threat to human health.

How do wearable gadgets post health risks?

Most of the wearable gadgets always release radiation referred to Electro-Magnetic Frequency (EMF). This frequency is known as a carcinogenic whereby it produces a substance, capable of causing cancer in living tissues. The effect of these devices is to be at the same level as other sources of carcinogens such as cigarettes.

On another case, wearables are always either worn or usually designed to be used in daily life including during exercises. Even when these gadgets are not in their active mode, they always emit radiation. Their closeness to the user’s bodies means it always exposes the users to their negative effects such as Pacemaker.

To avoid the effects of radiations from these wearable devices, it has always been important to avoid having these devices near your head or reproductive organs. Bluetooth devices are also considered very prone to uncovering our bodies to RF exposure. Here, it would be very important if we kept off from any of the wearable devices that are Bluetooth enabled.


The concern in this article is the fact that wearable devices that we wear in our bodies extend the possibilities of our bodies being affected by long-term health risks. Some of these effects will never show up immediately, but they will always add up over time. In this case, to remain safe, it would be important if we reduced the moments that we expose our bodies to the effects of these devices.