Futuristic Gadgets under 100$ Worth Having

Tech Gadgets

The tech- gadget sphere has received an influx of inexpensive but highly capable gadgets. Since the introduction of smartphones, components such as lithium-ion batteries, accelerometers and processors have become very affordable thus enabling many electronic manufacturers to produce and sell their merchandise at lower costs. It is therefore not surprising to find high-quality electronics whose price tags are below the 100$ mark. Here are some of the gadgets go for such a price range and you will love them.

Roku Streaming Stick +  

Roku Streaming Stick+ will give you easy access to a wide range of different streaming channels. Companies such as Apple, Google and Amazon are banking heavily on streaming channels thus a reliable streaming gadget is necessary. The Roku Streaming Stick+ has 4K HDR video features together with a Dolby Atmos Audio and is going for $70. It has a flexible user interface that accommodates a wide range of tech users and is highly adaptable to numerous apps and is the best platform to stream any content you want.

Anker 20,000 MAH Portable

With a price tag of $44, this charger is small enough to fit in your pocket, purse or backpack and it can store enough power to fully recharge a range of smartphones for up to seven times. It recharges swiftly and comprises a power IQ tech feature that recognizes all connected devices to deliver optimum charging speed. Together with its voltage boost technology, the Anker 20,000 Mah Portable charger can recognize when there is resistance and compensate it to maintain high charging speeds.

Bluedriver OBD2 Dongle

On-Board Diagnostics version two is a system in most vehicle models made in the US since the mid-80s. This device enables you to connect to your vehicle’s onboard computer and get detailed updates about how it is functioning at any given time. The onboard Automatic Links plug into the OBD2 port, which uses low power Bluetooth signal to relay information to your smartphone in short time intervals. It gives you alerts about possible problems so that you can address them before they worsen.

The app gives you solutions on how to solve minor problems, and for complicated issues, it provides suggestions for mechanics in your locality and directs you on how to find them. This app keeps a record of your driving habits and suggests how to enhance your fuel usage. Its price is $99.

Audio Technica AT-LP60

For $100 only, you have a high-quality turntable in your possession. This device is ideal for audio tech novices and has automatic operation features that cater for speed ranges between 33 and a half to 45 rpm. It consists of an inbuilt amplifier, a replaceable stylus, and smooth function. Simply place a record on the aluminum platter, press play button and gleefully listen to fuss-free content.

Amazon Echo Dot ($50)

This is a small voice assistant speaker that can connect to several apps thus enabling you to control your homes fans, lights, and thermostat and garage door. It can play your favorite music and will allow you to place orders and have them delivered to your doorstep. It has a far-field voice recognition feature that can pick your voice regardless of its position. It has a unique feature that can learn your preferences and pick your vocabulary and speech patterns too.

These 5 futuristic gadgets are available at a low price; below $100. They are interesting products that you can a reasonable cost and they are all high quality and worth every cent you pay. The only difference may be lacking some advanced features found in the costlier gadgets.


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