Top 10 Android Apps That Can Make Life Easy

Smartphones are highly efficient. But every user is looking for a way to increase convenience and efficiency through adding apps. There are many app developers out there who know what smartphone users need and they have created products to enhance your experience when using the phone.

Below are ten apps you should install in your Android phone.


Truecaller is one of the most convenient apps you can use in your Android smartphone.  You can quickly identify spam calls before you answer the call. Any information that Truecaller has regarding the number is reflected on the incoming call. The app requires accessing your contacts, which is why they can provide an identity of callers. Some numbers and names are not identified, but they highlight it in red if it’s a spam caller because other people have reported them. It helps you stay away from those cold calls from people looking to make sales.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the Artificial intelligence (AI) assistant for Android phone. It is similar to Siri for Apple and Cortana for Windows. The Google Assistant comes with full capabilities in the modern Android version of 7.0. But even those with older versions can still get via Allo.  Just make sure you Google Play Services software system is updated for you to get prompt responses from Google Assistant.


Moovit is for anyone who uses public transport. This app can identify all routes in your city along with routes, times and schedules. It can help you plan a route for you and keeps you updated with available transport options. You get to know how the bus station is before you leave your house.

Remote Mouse

This app acts as a mouse and also as a keyboard when paired with paired with companion software on a computer. However, some features have to be bought especially if you want to create a media remote with advanced components. It works perfectly if you like streaming from a PC to TV.

Blue Light Filter

Blue light produced by most electronic devices screens has been said to be one of the leading causes of insomnia. The latest Android phones have blue light filter mode, but the older versions require you to install the Blue Light Filter; its free but with ads.

Food Delivery Apps

Food delivery apps increase convenience. Every area has its food apps, and so, no single app can be recommended to all Android phone users. Some of the heavyweights in this industry include Foodpanda and UberEATS.


The AirDroind works like the Remote Mouse by pairing with the PC via companion software. However, with AirDroind, you control the phone with the PC unlike with the Remote Muse where you do the opposite. It has one of the best messaging features you can find in apps and you can answer all texts from the computer.

Mobile Payment Apps

Mobile app payment applications are similar to food apps. You download those that can e used in your region. Some of the payment apps you can download include Android Pay and Google Wallet or even Samsung Pay.

Google Photos

Google Photos is a cloud storage app and a reliable backup for all your photos. This app also has features to add amazing appeal to your pictures. It recognizes images, and you can enter a name or word to search for specific photos. You can also use it to edit pictures or trim videos.

Google Keep

Google Keep is free and the easiest way to create voice memos, notes, annotated images, and reminders. It integrates with Google services smoothly and can be used with the “Ok, Google.”

There are many apps to use with your Android phone. The above ten are just some of the best that you should have in your phone to make your life easy.  

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