What Marketing Channels Should A Startup Invest The Most In?

Marketing Strategies

Marketing for startups is a special subject that should be given all the attention it deserves. Marketing for startups involves helping a new business take its first baby steps and supporting it until it can stand on its own. Whether a business is firmly established or just starting, the following marketing channels should be employed.

Content Marketing

This channel involves the use of creative advertising content to attract prospective customers. You need a website where you can upload product descriptions. You have an option to upload videos that guide users on product use, display the types of products and services you offer together with their respective prices.


Creative blogs are essential for a startup marketing plan and are an effective way to create brand awareness and reputation in your target market. Guest blogging utilizes guest posts for advertising and results to increased business credibility. If you write the marketing blogs on your own, approach sites that will accept your content openly. Alternatively,reach out to the blog owner or social media channel editors and request to have your blog uploaded. Make sure the content is polished and relevant to the site. Blogs generate more leads and SEO traffic to your website than startups without blogs.

Engage Influencers

Influencers are individuals who have garnered massive social media followership after years of consistent input. Such people include: community leaders, journalists and marketing specialists. Shorten your marketing journey by connecting with influencers who have solid credibility to assist you market the new business.

Paid Acquisition

This marketing channel involves search engine marketing that assists you to draw the attention of web users when they are browsing for a solution by creating high intent traffic. Another aspect of paid acquisition is social ads. These ads target custom audiences with detailed information. Display ads reach out to groups of audience with similar interests. All this is made possible by use of laser-targeted traffic purchased from search engine giants like Google Ad words and Bing Ads. These two are leading paid search channels that have focus on keywords and make use of cost-per-click (CPC) payment method.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO marketing is highly beneficial if you focus on keyword research. If you realize that keyword concentration is high in your niche, then SEO is ideal for you. Begin by checking out how your competitors are faring in the field using tools such as SEMrush and Ahrefs.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective channels through which you can attract new customers at little or no cost. However, you are required to have the email addresses of prospective customers so that you can send emails to inform them of your startup. Place a newsletter sign up form on your website if you have one. The content on the emails should be varied to include information such as guides, videos, articles and info graphics.

Social Media

The social media platform offers an excellent channel for startup marketing since it is a host to billions of users. Communicate with users on Facebook, Linked-in and Whatsapp and you will be surprised at the massive feedback you get.

Make use of the marketing channels discussed above and many others out there for your startup to get adequate exposure and fast track business growth. While every business is different and unique, some of these are bound to work for any type of company. You can try a few and see what works well for you. Stick to the marketing method that brings you good results and with time you will see increased revenues.

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