Can You Change An Operating System Of A Mobile Phone?

Mobile OS

Mobile phones have operating systems to run applications and programs. The operating systems are different, and each has its unique features. Your phone’s apps, functions, and software are determined by the OS you are using. Some of the popular operating systems include Symbian OS, Palm OS, Mobile Linux, Windows Mobile, and MXI. But, can you change an operating system of a mobile phone? Yes, it is possible in some phones.

Times Have Changed

In the past, phones were used for making calls and sending texts only. But, times have changed, and smartphones are more like computers. They can be used to make video calls, send emails, watch TV or play games among many other activities. The operating systems are used in computers and laptops too; they help to run desktops and keep memory which enables to run multiple tasks simultaneously.

About Different Operating Systems

Most mobile phones use the Open Source software as their operating system. This means the phone can download anything the owner wants without any restrictions.  This operating system is customizable and different from other software systems which have a lot of limitations.

The Open Source mobile OS is the king and used in most mobile devices. A good example is Android, and the best thing about this OS is that it can be changed into Windows or Linus.


iOS is the operating system for the top-notch Apple products such as iPad, iPhone, and iPod. A special version of iOS powers the Apple watch. It allows users to use their fingers on the screen. You can minimize or maximize images or swipe to move to the next page.

iOS is the only operating system that can be used with Apple products, and so it cannot be changed. It has amazing features such as Safari web browser to use during online activities, an iPod app for music needs and to manage emails; you use Apple’s Mail.

The App Store has millions of application that you can download as long as your device is using iOS in an iPhone or iPad. You can get games, tutorials and much more.


Android is powered by Linus Kernel, and it is a Google product. It is an open-source operating system. Users are free to develop any programs and access all unlocked hardware systems. It is the best operating system for someone who wants to develop apps without any restrictions. Android licensing gives user benefits of accessing free content.

Android is highly customizable and excellent if you want to multitask. It is the home to millions of applications. However, you can change it if you want to replace it with an operating system of your choice but not iOS.

Windows Phone

Windows phone is a creation of Microsoft. It was revamped in 2010 in a bid to make it excellent like Android or iOS. It was rebuilt and redesigned from scratch to give the user a great experience.

The face of this operating system is distinct because it comes with an interface known as Metro. This refers to the tile like squares on the phone’s home screen. It is also different from the operating system because it comes with ‘hub’; these are aggregators that put all your photos together from various applications and all music in one library. All the documents are put together making it easy for you to find whatever you need. You change your Window Phone operating system and replace it with Android. It is a long process, but if you feel you need to enjoy the benefits of Android OS, it’s worth it. This OS is mostly found in Nokia phones, but in Nokia Lumia, it may not be changeable.

Not all operating systems can be changed. So research before you decide to change your phone’s OS.

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